Kroma 5-Day Reset

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me talk about Kroma once or twice — so here is my ultimate guide to all things Kroma. Everything you need to know in one place (though my videos on Instagram are pretty entertaining).

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know. Did I mention a discount?

What is the Kroma 5-Day reset?

Forget cleanse culture. Forget fad diets. The Kroma 5-Day reset reestablishes your entire diet and way of eating, making it fun, easy, and tasty! You are constantly consuming something!

In 5 days, you’ll clear the fog, get back into a routine, get that glow you’ve been missing, have boundless energy, and honestly feel 10lbs less bloated and blah.

It is a nutrient-dense system presented in nine packets that can easily be prepared at home or on the go. Kroma is one reset with three customizable protocols: lifestyle, lean, or active.


The Ultimate whole body reset. The Kroma program with no additions. The most popular protocol if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, reset habits, and feel better overall.


This is designed to accelerate weight loss, And promote a deeper elimination diet. Will leave you feeling light and clear without compromising on energy. Less add-ins and optional packets.


Premium fuel for optimal performance. Designed for the athlete or those who need to be well nourished to optimize their active lifestyle. This program is less about weight loss and more about invigorating your system. This one includes extra protein, nuts etc.

Who should do Kroma, and when should I/we start?

Everyone I know should do Kroma. It’s an excellent way to re-establish habits around how you consume your food and presents guard rails to clean eating that is fun and easy. 

It is perfect to do if you are feeling any of the following:

  • low energy
  • lack of control over your diet 
  • if you’re inconsistent with your diet
  • if clean eating has taken a backseat
  • after a long summer
  • a weekend bender
  • to establish a good food routine that is nutrient dense
  • to get rid of that bloat and a few pounds
  • to clear fog and sluggishness 
  • to increase energy
  • to eliminate foods that cause inflammation
  • lose weight
  • re-establish a food routine

The reasons are as endless as the rewards.

As for timing, there is always SOMETHING. There is no perfect time to do anything but some ways to set you up for success are:

  • do it with your partner or friend, someone you are around often
  • do it when you’re busy and have more routine and structure like Monday-Friday (and fewer social events)
  • before a high-stakes event that you want to look your best for: vacation, photo shoot, wedding, event, etc. When you have any even BETTERR reason, it creates built-in commitment
  • when will power alone can’t break the cycle (i’ve been there), spending money on this structured reset adds accountablity.

How to Order

The reset comes packaged in a few different ways: the Deluxe signature and refill. As someone who has done it several times, you should always start with the Deluxe if it’s your first time. It comes with all the bells and whistles and sets you up for success — when you’ve done it once, you are now an expert and can order the more affordable Reset Refills (pictured below). **KEEP YOUR BOX IF YOU CAN TO RELOAD WHEN YOU DO IT AGAIN**

If you’re doing it with your partner in the same house, buy an additional signature reset, as you can share the add-ons. 

You may not believe me now, but I recommend ordering the following daily essentials when you order the cleanse: beauty matcha, porridge, and bone broth. At least to start. Because after you are done, you will want to keep a few of your new habits going. TRUST. ME. If you aren’t sold yet, they let my discount have a two-time use – as everyone kept going back for the essentials and buying a second one for a later date! Click the black button to order)

Where to Start

  1. Read the pamphlet front to back once you receive the reset
  2. Choose your program – the pamphlet or app have more detailed information on each program
  3. Buy the additional items you will need, like plant milk. berries, clean, greens, etc
  4. Keep it on the counter or readily available, so everything is in front of you
  5. Look at your schedule and day plan so you’re prepared ie. if you’re gone all morning, pack your porridge and shake to-go.
  6. Being organized sets you up for success
A day at a glance

A Day In The Life on Kroma:

This version is based on the “active” program, where you add additional Kroma-approved foods to optimize the reset based on your lifestyle.

7 am – Morning Meditation + Matcha
8 am – Porridge for Breakfast
9:30 am – Hydration + Workout
10:30 am – Post-Workout BOOST Smoothie with spinach, banana, and blueberries
1 pm – Bone Broth
2:30 pm – Fuel Green Drink
4 pm – Ultimate Vitality Latte (my Afternoon Sweet Treat)
6 pm – Bone Broth “Faux Pho” Dinner – added veg and chicken to the broth
9:30 pm – Bedtime + Magnesium

If that’s not a dream day, I don’t know what is?!

Tips During the Reset

  1. There will be some challenging moments; you might detox and miss things like cheese, sugar, and coffee, but guess what? They haven’t gone anywhere, and a baby break does you good. Enjoy the five days and listen to your body thanking you.
  2. This sounds corny but keep a journal during the 5-days or just be mindful when it gets tough, times you struggle, when your energy dips, or when you want to eat something not so great. Sometimes acknowledging that you wish to have chocolate before you go to bed is just a habit you have created, not an actual need. Or that you mindlessly snack out of boredom. Or that you’re thirsty when half the time you think you’re hungry. You know, the apparent struggles we ALL have.
  3. Try not to have coffee. There, I said it. The Matcha has MORE than enough caffeine to give you a morning buzz (and to steer clear of withdrawal headaches). As a two-cups-a-day kinda gal, I get it. Word of the wise: order an additional tub of Matcha from the daily essentials so you can have two Matcha in the morning if you need to.
  4. Take it slow and thoughtful, not the reset, but with yourself. Go to bed a little earlier, do gentle workouts, go on a digital detox for a day, and take this time for yourself.
  5. It’s only five days. FIVE. FIIIIIIIVE. Not a month, not even a week. So chill, it’s going to be fine.
  6. The best way to froth is by pouring an inch of liquid in with the packet, froth, then add the rest. It combines better this way and keeps you from spraying everywhere.
  7. Making the matcha is an art and this is my favorite way: start with 1-inch of the almost boiling water, froth it really well, add a couple drops of stevia, then add another inch of the water and top with frothed and warmed plant milk.

After Cleanse

Well, you won’t want it to be over.

And you’ll probably eat something wild the next day.

And feel not so great.

And understand your body’s operating basis.

And wish you could do Kroma every day…

So go to and order a refill reset, the essentials, or both. Investing in our health should be our top priority, not an afterthought. Start incorporating one, a few, or several of the daily essentials that were introduced during the reset. I live for the porridge, matcha, broth and the greens. I have them almost every day.

P.S. I noticed most of my friends didn’t take my advice and order the essentials off the bat and missed out ont he first time 15% off discount code, so my friends at KROMA made it possible for my discount to work a second time so that you could stock up after the reset (once people experienced the wins they totally got why I suggested that).

Write me an email or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions, I want to hear from you!

x M

Kroma Quinoa Salad
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