Elodie Eats

“The goal isn’t a clean plate. The goal is raising a generation of eaters who know how to listen to their bodies.”


“Beginnings are always messy”


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Questions I Get Asked Often

How long have you been friends?

Does too long answer that question? 20 years!

Where did the idea for Elodie Eats come from?

We have both always loved food. I, Michaela, made a career out of it. When Jody had Elodie, everything changed for her — as a working mom who wanted to make sure her daughter was receiving the best meals she could provide, it became a passion. So we combined our minds, and here we are, a marriage of nutrition, feeding little people, families and making it easy and fun.

Who is Elodie?

Jody’s adorable 2-year-old daughter.

Do you meal plan?

Always. Even if we don’t stick to it, having a plan sets everyone up for success.

What do you eat on a daily basis?

Michaela: Many protein smoothies, high-quality protein, simple starches, and gorgeous salads and veggies. I am all about a blue plate special. And I have a severe sweet tooth.

Jody: Elodie’s leftovers, always a blue plate special for dinner, sometimes a sandwich and sometimes a salad — my sweet tooth is so severe I have food blackouts.

Do you follow any food rules?

Michaela: My body weight in protein.

Jody: My only rule is that I lead by example for Elodie.

Unpopular kid food opinion?

That kids are picky eaters and like/want bland food.

Who’s older?

Wouldn’t you all like to know — everyone thinks Michaela is older when in fact Jody is exactly 28 days older.

Do you two have any opposing food rules?

Not opposing, but we definitely like different things when we eat out, Jody is much more exotic.

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