Here’s the truth…I am not naturally fit or thin and I don’t naturally reach for vegetables. I am not a chef, but I’m good at assembling ingredients. I put in the work. I believe in feeling and looking my best — but not compromising! Here you will find good ingredients (think clean comfort food), real wellness, made fun! Let’s LIVE WELL!

(Progress, not perfection, baby)

Latest and Greatest!

Raspberry Sauce

I am not re-inventing the wheel with this one — merrily, just taking juicy, tangy, sweet, and delicious raspberries and amplifying them with a wonder ingredient — hyaluronic acid. Use this on plain yogurt, grain-free protein brownies, smoothies, or oatmeal. It is versatile and delicious!

Mediterranean Warm Tuna Pasta

This is a cross between linguine and clams and a puttanesca. It has that briny seafood element thanks to Blue Harbor Wild Albacore Tuna, olives, tomatoes, lots of garlic, and olive oil to perfectly coat each pasta noodle with flavor. I leaned into the Mediterranean flare and finished it with some crumbled feta. Make this for a delicious date night or family-style dinner!

Mashed Potato Waffles

When you have small kids, there always seems to be some mash in the fridge. These re-purpose those not-so-exciting day-old leftovers into savory, delicious, nutrient-packed waffles. You won’t want to feed these to your kids. They’re so good.

Canned Tuna Nicoise

The most photograph friendly salad there ever was. Who needs fresh tuna when you have canned? Blue Harbor Wild Albacore Tuna is sustainably caught and MSC certified – you know you are eating 100% sustainable and traceable fish from populations that will remain productive and healthy for generations to come. Use your heart with this recipe and serve a crowd!

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