The Snackle Box

The Snackle Box

I saw a meme online of someone at the beach using a fishing tackle box as a snack box, aka a "snackle box.’ Though this was supposed to be a joke, I took it VERY seriously and set out to create my own.
I have seen it countless times: you present a child with 1 to 4 snack options, and each one is swatted away. So to avoid hangry children on the verge of a meltdown, present them with The Snackle Box. Yes, I feel like this is something a ‘cool aunt’ would do and might be used ONLY for special occasions, but it does the trick.
The options are endless, so use your imagination and pantry. Presenting mundane snacks like carrots and grapes in this way can reinvigorate joy in the little things. My friend Leanne used it to play a snack bingo as they drove to their next activity; ‘eat something that's GREEN!’ — tricked ya kid!
Inspired by EVER #happyEVERafter


Here are some of my favorite healthier options:

  • Miniature anything: grapes, cookies, chips, etc

Hu Kitchen Cookies



  • Cut seaweed snacks down to fit the box.
  • Cut any veggies or fruits to better fit the slots.
  • Try not to group the sweets in their own area and spread them out, so they aren't drawn to one area.


Try to buy a BPA-free, washable tray – if not keep out of extreme temperatures and wash by hand.
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