March Product Roundup

Here are my 10 favorite wellness products for March — some old, some new, I truly use each product on the regular!

Full disclosure: I purchase and try every product more than once before i post about them. i will let you know if they are sponsored.

Baba’s Pita Puffs

I cook a lot of Mediterranean food, and clean pita is hard to find. Baba’s tastes excellent AND ships right to your house. It’s stored in the freezer so you can easily take out what you need, and have the rest another time.

(I am a paid ambassador and long-time user)

KaiZen Low Carb Pasta

Love me some pasta, but also love being on the lower-carb side of things during the week. Kaizen is an aiming low-carb alternative that will not deprive you.

I am always looking for alternatives like this for clients and this one is a home-run.

Stryve Beef Biltong

High-protein snacks are my favorite snacks. Carrying these in my purse, gym bag, or car keeps me from reaching for not-so-great snacks with low nutrition — and it’s delicious.

I recently wrote an article for Pittsburgh Magazine that talked about this here

Acid League Dressing

Do you know that perfect Japanese carrot ginger dressing? This. Is. It. AND CLEAN! If you see it on the shelves, stock up, it goes fast.

All you need is some greens, cucumber, tomatoes and this dressing.

Llama Land Organics

I LOVE cereal. There aren’t many on the market that make me feel good, though – this one does. I add some plant milk and a touch of maple syrup, which hits the spot. It’s also a family created and run business and I love supporting businesses like that.

Blue Harbor Wild Albacore

Let’s drop the mercury fear and normalize canned tuna. Lean protein that is affordable and can be transformed into so many different amazing dishes. I have always been a big fan, so I get to work with them.

(I am a paid ambassador and long-time user)

Kroma 24K Bone Broth

This has made my list many times, mainly because this product constantly blows me away. Top quality bone broth in a tub, ready in a few minutes with boiling water. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Use code MICHAELA15 for 15% off

(I am a paid ambassador and long-time user)

Joi Plant Milk Concentrates

Gone are the days when we need to buy multiple plastic containers of bone broth. Buy these concentrates, blend them with water, and have plant milk on hand whenever in your desired consistency.

Days Off Chocolate Bites

The perfect little bite for that sweet little tooth. Upgraded chocolate Laced with adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and zero guilt. I leave them on my guests side table as their little bedtime pillow chocolate like you get in hotels.

Recess Zero-Proof Mocktails

They. Are. All. Amazing. Gone are the days when drinking or having a hangover was cool. And thankfully, there are options like these out there to sip on! Get them on Amazon.

Use code MICHAELA15 for 15% off SITEWIDE

(I am a paid ambassador and long-time user)

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